NaGaDeMon 2013 Day 13

Yesterday I didn't get in a game of Moar Moai, but I did rework some of the rules and redraw some of the images. I have uploaded the results to the usual places. For those who don't want to scroll down, the rules document is here, and the images are here: TrackMat, and Map.

I still have a little more work to do before I feel that I am ready for another big playtest, so It might not happen today.

I have been working on Roguelike a bit as well. I have been considering how I would randomize the identities of the potions (wands, and scrolls as well), and I am starting to think that I will have to have "bubbly potion" cards AND "potion of healing" cards. The item deck is full of "bubbly potions" and when someone drinks one (or ids it) they draw a card from the identified potion deck and see what it does. From that point on you place the "potion of healing" card face up in the playing area with a bubbly potion token on it (so future bubbly potions don't have to be identified).

Randomizing the equipment seems much easier. The game treats a weapon or armor like it is normal until you put it on. Then you immediately identify it by drawing a token out of a hat. There are way more 'mundane' tokens than there are +1 or +3 tokens. To be safe you can id all your stuff before putting it on, but identification should be fairly unusual, so it is not expected that you will have tons of scrolls of Id hanging around.

The people at work have all bought Resistance Avalon, so I might play it at lunch today. if I do, a report will follow.

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