NaGaDeMon 2013 Day 19

I have greatly simplified the rules of Moar Moai. I don't know whether they will stick, but I played a game with Alison last night and she liked it a lot.

The bulk of the changes were to remove the ability to mine stone and chop trees, and roll them into the build canoes, build statues, build roads, and move statues actions. This also makes it so that the trees are infinitely more likely to not be sitting around in someone's stockpile during the respawn phase (which is a good thing for the tree population size).

The game ended up with Alison in the better overall position (since she had more statues than me), but I was in a very strong strategic position (I had the furthest advanced statues as well as more cards). She would have won if the explorers made it to the third location or further, but she didn't draw two 'explore deeper' cards, so I carried the day.

If you are interested in seeing the how the game looks currently, the rules document is here, and the images are here: Track, Mat, and Map.

Roguelike is undergoing slow changes right now since I am focusing more on the ecological destruction game right now. I can't work full bore on both.

Also, played some Avalon yesterday at lunch. It was fun. I plan on playing Moar Moai today (I have already had people accept my invite.)

Finally, I backed Templar Intrigue on Kickstarter. It sounds fun. I will tell you what it is like when I get it next year.

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