NaGaDeMon 2013 Day 20

We played a four player game yesterday with the new rules, and there was a serious problem: Too many fish.

We just couldn't seem to break through the fish barrier to the point where the fish began to be depleted. I have decided to reduce the number of starting fish to 6 per player because of this problem. That will allow a population of 12 people to be supported without a problem, but any more than that will begin to eat up the fish.

A third person also told me that deep sea fish should be worth more... I really don't like the idea, but it seems like a common enough complaint that I need to address it. I just don't know how to do that yet.

Also, as I was complaining about having to separate my cubes at the beginning of every game Bob told me to get more bags. I had never thought of doing that. This, folks, is why it is useful to have your managers play your games with you.

Finally I changed the map to include a place to put the Explorer cards. Not really necessary, but the map is big enough to accommodate it, and it didn't seem to hurt.

In other news: Templar Intrigue was fully funded and reached its first stretch goal, so I will be receiving a copy of it some time next year.

Playing Roguelike has made me want to play Nethack again, so I installed it on my phone and played some last night. It is quite a fun game.

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