NaGaDeMon 2013 Day 28

I have made good progress on my NaNo games (both Moar Moai and Roguelike) over the last two days.

We played a few games of Moar Moai, and we had some modifications to make.

First of all, roads have been removed from the game entirely (they seemed to just slow down the speed at which people get their statues out, and they give later guys in the turn order an advantage that doesn't seem to help the game balance out).

Additionally the explorer cards seem to be too random for some players (they do not seem powerful enough, and if you don't get the ones that you want it can suck). We have considered a few possibilities for fixing it:
1) Draw two cards for each token and discard half the cards right before playing the explorer phase.
2) Exchange tokens for cards on a one for one basis, selecting which cards you get (making AAH cards not have additional effects, but making it not known what you can do)
3) Discarding tokens for one of the three explorer effects (Explore, Dig, AAH!) (No cards, perfect information)

Each option provides a different feel: the 'look at 2x the number of cards' just makes you more likely to get what you want but still not guaranteed, pick your cards gives you exactly what you want, but other people still don't get to see what you have, the discard tokens option gives you the ability to pick exactly what you want, but everyone know exactly your capabilities (so you can figure out exactly what move is a winning move (that might make people think a long time since they can figure out exactly what is their best chance of winning with enough thought))

I have not decided which one is the best option yet.

In terms of Roguelike, I have played a few games and decided that the need for more weapons is real, that you should draw starting equipment until you get at least one piece of armor or weapon, and then one more card (discarding the other ones so that you have one weapon/armor and one of anything). Additionally the change that gives armed monsters more equipment is beneficial.

I have never made it past level 5, by the way (though the math would allow for someone to win the game is entirely reasonable).

I am trying to figure out how to give monsters the full benefit of the equipment that they are wearing without giving the player the knowledge of what the equipment is. This seems to be something that is not possible to really do (unless the equipment randomizes after you pick it up, so they could have better equipment than you finally get, but I don't really like that). Perhaps it would be better if the equipment provided a set bonus amount that simulates the benefit of wearing it but did not match the benefit exactly. Something like +1 armor for each armor/cloak, +1 attack for each weapon/ring/wand might be enough.

I don't have much time to see what would work, though, so I will have to come up with something fast.

This week we also played some more Resistance (with the Avalon expansion), and some Forbidden Island.

Finally, we played a game of cribbage (which is a really good game as far as I am concerned, though it has a lot of rules).

I will end with some pictures of Roguelike in play:
End of Level 1
End of Level 2
 Being chased by 3 rust monsters on Level 3:

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