NaGaDemon Day 2

I skipped day 1.

I am in the brainstorming phase. I want to use the splay mechanic like innovation or chibimob. I think that sorcery, inc. could be a good theme.

If a card were arranged as follows:
Where R is the rule text, and 1-4 are symbols then they could be splayed multiple directions for interesting results all around.

The question is, what rule text makes sense to put? Similar ones to the ones that Sorcery already has?

Then you could have an engine core that is either a converter or a producer, and then you would build around that and gain benefit by stacking your cards correctly.

If cards could be both, then the rule text could allow for weird interactions like "the output of this card is doubled", or "this card needs 50% less justice."

I guess it is bed time.

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