Moar work on Moar Moai!

 I have begun to work on getting Moar Moai ready for a round of blind playtesting, so I have been having all the folks over at BoardGameGeek look at it. (the rules, and mats mainly). It is always so helpful to have people on the internet sanity-check your stuff, because I find that things that I thought anyone would understand are not actually all that easy to understand.

If you are working on a game, it is invaluable to let people that have never played the game before look at it. You can get the best feedback that way - feedback that is the most similar to the type of stuff that actual players in the wild would have given. Your local playtesters probably like you and are not overly disposed to tell you that your game sucks, or that it is hard to understand.

Here is the new player mat:
It does look fiddly (it has a lot of boxes), however it makes playing the game way less confusing to people that don't love math, so it is worth it.

The way that it works is: you place meeples in the rectangular spaces to declare what actions you are taking. If the meeple covers up an icon, you have to use up one of the associated resources (so to catch a fish, you remove a fish from the public fish track and discard it). You then gain the benefit that is above the space, and if the benefit is a move then you gain it on the thing that is left of the space.

I have also made the rules document available for public editing (and have gotten great help from a Romanian guy and a South African as to how to fix it up). Here the link is (in case you are interested in helping as well.) At the bottom of it you will find links to a gallery of all the artwork in the game as well as a pdf for printing out a PnP copy (if you are interested.)

I am not yet ready for everyone to PnP it, however I am getting pretty close.

Finally, I have begun to work on Terran Robot Defense League (previously tentatively called fighting robots) - a game that is supposed to be sort of like a mix between Sam Huges Ed Universe and X-Com Apocalypse. I have nothing to show for it yet, but it is gonna be sweet!

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