Time is running out

I have made great progress on my 2 week microgame. I have played about 8 games, changing the rules after each game, and have made it much more smooth (gameplay-wise, the art is still as clunky as ever) and more strategic as well. It is still not ready, but I only have till Wednesday, so I am going to have to just move ahead with it, and try to polish it as much as possible.

I also made a horrible game logo (I used a dragon from khomesclip at deviantart, who licensed CC):

Here are my current notes from last play session (and my thoughts as I write this):
Can you trade coins? (Yes!)
Anec should like coins. (Hating treasures is weirdly out of character for a dragon.)
If deck runs out, game ends too abruptly. change number of dragons revealed? (2?)
With multiple players, slow the game down. How? Anger tokens?
When a dragon gets offended, place one anger token on it. If a dragon with two anger tokens on it gets offended, then the dragon leaves.)
Check remaining character card balance (Augh! that is going to be a time consumer!)

For those that are interested in trying it out, here are the PnP files and Rules.

I have also gotten the 3d printer working again, and started making stuff for my games again, as well as things for some friends.

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