Improving the endgame

I have been working on Terran Robot Defense League/Fighting Robots/Ed's Army more. I have played a few games with Alison, and it is going pretty well. The game is definitely playable, however the endgame isn't very good yet.

I need to make the game have a more cinematic ending - right now it has a "mothership" that is the hardest opponent to fight, however it is not that much harder than any other ship. I am going to add rules that make you have to fight multiple opponents on the same turn.

The game is turning into a copy of X-Com apocalypse, which is great because I love that game.

Here are a few cards: (I spent a little time on the art because some of my playtesters at work need good art to enjoy a game).

Here are the current rules. Here is a gallery of the cards.

I am also starting to think that I will finally join the board game design guild. I have been meaning to for years, however I just never did it.

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