Robots that fight

I played a first solo game of Terran Robot Defense League last night. It went OK, however it could have been better.

Here are the rules that I played by{and the rules that I want to try out now}.

To start look at 10 aliens and keep 3{1}. Place two into one pile, and one by itself {place it down in a pile of its own}. Aliens in a pile have to be attacked together.

First: draft from hands of 5{6} part cards your starting robot, keeping 5 cards total.

Every turn either:
repair 2 damage on your robot
look at 5 and keep 1{2} from the parts deck,
look at a number of research cards equal to the number of research tokens you have {minimum of 1} and keep 1
attack a pile of aliens
{exchange 1 card with an ally}
{build a researched technology}

At the end of the turn:
Robots heal if they have healing equipment
Look at 10 aliens and play 1{a number equal to piles/2}, placing it in a pile according to an algorithm that I will try to explain:

Each pile that is larger than 1 card should have a pile one smaller than it. If this is already true, then make a new pile.

To attack an alien: the alien damages your robot. If it survives, then your robot may activate parts to gain electricity, damage the alien, and repair your robot.

If you activate all of the parts that the alien is weak against, then you defeat the alien and take the card and add it to your pile of dead aliens (which doesn't currently do anything.)

The game as it currently stands has some issues: for one thing the balance is way off. The tough aliens are really tough, and the research track is super weak and then super powerful. There should be a way to exchange cards. Perhaps there should be alien body corpse requirement to build certain robot parts.

Also, a player that doesn't have a specific type of attack is pretty much screwed.

That would be cool: parts that require a specific alien corpse to be able to build. If the part is destroyed you could only rebuild it once per type of foe you destroy.

Perhaps it will be generic based on the type (cyborg vs ship), or perhaps it will be based on level (4 hits vs 3 hits).

healing seems to work at two different time ranges, which is a problem. If your nanobots can heal so fast in combat, why can they not do that out of combat? Perhaps shields is the thing that is necessary for good in-combat healing, and nanobots are for out of combat healing?

Also, the draw pile is pretty weak. I am thinking of upping it to 2 cards taken from the pile.

The research cards should look different from normal part cards so that they are obviously different. I will figure that out some time...

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