Busy times

I have been doing so many thing recently that I have forgot to write any blog posts.

For one thing, I have been playtesting a new game that Seth Jaffe (creator of Eminent Domain and other fine games) is designing. The game is called Automatown, and is about building robots that build more robots for you until you have enough robots to take over the world. For an early prototype it is pretty fun and well balanced. I have had an idea that I have been sitting on for a few years about building snowmen that build more snowmen. This ends up being thematically really similar, but my ideas for mechanics were way different than his.

We have played it at work a few times, and the people are interested in seeing his new changes. Being that today is Friday it might end up being a skateboarding day, so perhaps we will not get to play it, but perhaps we will.

In terms of my games, I have gotten a few games of The Fatal Flaw in, and also played a game of the Madness Place. I am thinking of giving the BGDG a final look at Grab The Loot before I try and pitch it to Mayday Games. Perhaps Daniel will like it more this time (now that I have made it have more moving parts).

I have some changed to the Fatal Flaw based on playing it with more than two players, and I expect that more play will lead to more changes. I have also been working on a new game that doesn't really have a name yet. It is another re-creation of the support mechanic.

I have also submitted games to various contests (I don't really remember which ones right now, but needless to say I have submitted them).

I need to finish cleaning up Terran League of Defense Robots, but I have been waiting for the results of the "Survival" contest, and they are overdue. Perhaps this means that I am not a finalist in it :(.

Finally, a new dominion expansion has been announced. I look forward to hearing more about it.

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