NagaDemon day 28: Deception

We played a game of Hungry Oni with new people and they thought that 5 actions was too many. I agree that it can be a little daunting for a microgame, so I have reduced the action counts to 3 (the three that were used the most often). I have made no changes to the artwork.

The current rules for Hungry Oni are here.

Yesterday we also made another 18 card game on a whim. We are currently calling it Deception. It was based on Diplomacy. Our first game took 2 hours (Which is unusual for a 18 card game), and had a lot of the same sort of play as Diplomacy. Making a PnP copy of the game is massive overkill, but I did it anyway. Here is the result. Print one copy of the attack and defense cards and then 2 of every other card.

We changed the rules after the first game to reduce the length of play time. Perhaps we will play another game tonight to see if it is down from two hours to a more reasonable play time.

My brother in-law Chauncy brainstormed it out with me. He also drew the name in inkscape (as seen above).

The current rules for Deception are here.

We have modified the rules for Moar Moai a little for balance sake. Perhaps I will submit it to the ION Awards.

Finally, we played a bunch of games this week, including Moar Moai, Hungry Oni, Avalon, Witch Hunt, and Masters of Commerce for the first time today.

Masters of Commerce is a pretty interesting game. Some people own stores and others rent them to sell things. I was selling apples. We played with 6 players and the game was fairly easy to understand and it had really interesting mechanics.

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