Updated NagaDemon rules

I have changed the rules a little to account for a few three player games.

The current rules are as follows:

Each player places their colored point token on the score track in the n first slots (where n is the number of players). The player with the most points goes first followed by the player with the second most etc.

Place one value token on each row of the value chart in the 1 place.

Players start with 4 cards if playing with 2 players, 3 cards if playing with 3 players, and 2 cards if playing with 4 players.

Discard the top card of the deck if playing with three players. Place the discarded card face down and do not look at it. That card is out for the remainder of the game.

A turn consist of:

  1. Draw the top card from the deck or the discard pile.
  2. Play and resolve two action cards, one after the other.

Drawn cards are added to the players hand. Hands are kept face up in front of the players at all times.
Played cards are resolved like this:

  • Determine the value of the card by finding the token on the row of the value chart that corresponds to the card that was just played.
  • Gain points equal to the value of the card. If you would share a space on the score chart with another player instead jump over that player. You just gained a free point.
  • The token that corresponds to the card you played is moved left one column on the value chart. If the token is in the 1 column then do not move it left but instead move all other tokens one to the right.
  • Discard the card to the top of the discard pile.

If the deck is empty then you must draw from the discard pile if you are able.

If you ever start your turn with no cards do not draw any more cards. You are out of the game. When all of the players are out of cards the game ends.

The player with the fewest points gets eaten first and the player with the most points got eaten by the ogre last.

I also added some colorblind friendly colors to the artwork, made the score card reflect the actual point gains in the game, and added my daughter's purple ogre.

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