Another post about TLDR

Yesterday at lunch we played Terran League of Defense Robots again. We tried out all of the new rules that were invented in the brainstorming session that happened at the end of the last BGDG meeting. The game seems to have improved quite a bit because of it. The Aliens moved all around the mat, and attacked the cities, and the players had to chase them around.

After the game, one of the players said that I should just use 2d4 to place the aliens, and also use 2d4 to determine which cities are face up. That was pretty good feedback. I have come to expect much more and much better feedback from the guild, so it is great to also receive good feedback from my co-workers.

I am not entirely sure that I like the way that minions work right now in the game. They don't feel real enough, so I think that I will separate them from the cards that they are a part of (so that minions are associated with a stack of aliens, not just a card.)

One player seemed to think that they made the game too hard, but I am not so sure. It seemed to me that they make it just hard enough.

I also need to add parts that allow for more movement, and fix up all of the character cards to make sense again, since some of them didn't survive the move very well.

Finally, I am thinking of beefing up the cities to make them easier to defend, adding more cities to games with more players, making it so that the aliens can attack cities even if they are defended, and making it so that if you lose a certain number of cities you lose (not all of them).

Either way, the game is moving along.

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