More things than expected

Much of my time recently has been spent gearing up for SaltCon. If you don't have tickets yet buy some now, it starts on Thursday!

We played a game of The Perfect Moment, and also Avalon at work on Friday. Avalon is a fun lying game. I like it much better than the other lying games that they all love, because you can actually deduce things. I was the Assassin once, and we totally aced the entire game, and then I guessed Merlin as well (though we won the game). On the second game, we won as the good without them guessing Merlin, and then on the third game the good guys won hard core until the Merlin guess, which made the bad guys win. So, I won two out of three games.

On Friday night we had a local game group get together, and we played The Perfect Moment as well as Age of Vikings. I practiced teaching it in preparation for my presentation on Thursday. We figured out some parts of the presentation that need more work, and my wife engineered a killer game engine that blew the competition out of the water. She won with about 80 points (which is more than 20 points higher than I have ever seen the game go before), so that was pretty cool.

I could have built the same engine to mirror her, but I wanted to see how it would fare if she was unopposed. It was really powerful. I haven't yet decided if it was brokenly powerful or not, but I think that I will probably modify one of the cards involved to make it lose some of its speed (which would probably still leave it as a viable strategy, but not allow it to get as out of hand.)

The game is really about finding those power combos, though, so I don't want to nerf it that hard. It is not like all of the other players do not have access to the exact same abilities (since you can worship any player's god that you want.)

Here are my notes from Saturday night:
  • Armor - make it better
  • Gimp the god of trading tokens? Multi deity?
  • Fix the helpful card - make it have the new costs.
  • Clarify how to draw leaders order in rules
I am feeling more ready for the presentation than I was a week ago, but I still want more time practicing. I have been playing the game at work a fair amount, and it is helping out, so hopefully I am ready on time.

I am also making some changes to Terran League of Defense Robots - I need to arrange another play session to test all of them out to make sure that they work. I should do that some time in March.

Also, I just set up a page on Patreon to get funding for my various creative projects. If you like any of my games, and want me to continue working on them, feel free to support me and tell me which game you want me to work on. Right now I tend to work on whatever game is interesting to me at the moment, but I wouldn't mind having direction from the masses.

Finally, I have some exciting news: Polynesia was just declared to be a finalist in The Cardboard Edison. I have been working on it for quite a few years, so it is not entirely surprising to me that of all the games that I submitted it was chosen.

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