Somehow, nothing of interest has happened.

I brought The Perfect Moment to the last BGDG meeting. It was at Demolition Games for the first time. The venue is nicer than the last place that we met at. We had 11 people, and only one person brought a game (which only supported two players). I presented The Perfect Moment, which received good feedback. We decided to change the Ring card to allow players to trade cards. I also showed off my new artwork for the first time. They liked the new look better than my original look.

I have gotten the laser cutter working really well. It cut out all of the cards for The Perfect Moment. I should probably have it cut out tiles for Terran League of Defense Robots, but I have not spent the time to do that yet.

I have, however, been preparing to present The Age of Vikings at SaltCon. The Age of Vikings was declared a finalist in the Ion Awards this year. That has been where a lot of my time has gone, but I have also been fine tuning my laser cutter, and cutting out cardboard Montessori materials for my wife.

I have also fallen in love with Tigris and Euphrates recently. It is an interesting game. There are a lot of things that you can do, and the available strategies are pretty cool. I have been playing the android app, but I am thinking about buying a copy of it.

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