The Perfect Moment

I have been making good progress on The Perfect Moment, my submission to the current Button Shy contest.

My wife and I have played two more games, and it is still an interesting problem to resolve. The amount of choices that you have some turns is really high, so people prone to AP might not do so well when trying this game out, however we both love puzzles, so it works for us.

I came up with a really good strategy last game. It worked well for me. The strategy was to play two cards that are the same color but have no overlapping abilities. Then you have access to score all cards of that color as long as you can rotate your cards freely.

Getting cards that meet those requirements is left as an exercise to the reader.

I think that I will remove more attacks. They still slow down the game and don't improve your position.

As a sidenote, the rules can be found Here, and the cards can be found Here.

Here are my notes from last playtest:
Keys should say "draw a card"
Cards that discard and then draw only draw if you discard?
Swap out Rings ability for "Return a card to your hand, play a card from your hand."
Add icons to cards in place of numbers

The artwork is also improving. I spent about 15 minutes and made a card template that makes the cards look much better than the normal flat appearance. I also selected (With the help of the spirit of a co-workers wife) a font that looks pretty nice.

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