Two playtests, One day

At work we played The Age of Vikings at lunch. It went fairly well. We nearly finished the game in an hour (which is quite a feat). If we had finished I think that I would have won, however that is not guaranteed.

The game is getting its final polish before I present it to the judges for the Ion Award. It seems to be going well, however I have two more test presentations at least before I consider it all done. When I play against the judges, I want them to be able to understand the game, but not have any real hope of winning (because I know the strategy, and they don't). Here's to hoping that I strike the right balance.

We also played a game of The Perfect Moment tonight, and had some things that we wanted to change and or try out. Here are our notes:
  • Flowers should say "Swap a face up card with a card from your hand. Do this once or twice."
  • Add 1 (or more) face up card to simulate another player.
    • Everyone can use the ability on it that is facing the center of the play area?
    • Players may also score the card for points?
  • Post the new artwork to the internet. (done)
  • Update the rules to match the current way of playing.

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