A Dream Within a Dream

I have played a few more games of 'The Dream Game', and it seems to be coming together a little. The biggest game played was a 4 player game that ended up being pretty fun. (We had some collusion and price fixing going on, and a player that broke the price fixing was the one who ended up winning).

Right now the rules are as follows:
Each player has a color. Your Goods tokens are your color.
Each player starts with 4 Goods tokens of their own color.
The game alternates between selling and buying phases.
If any player ever has 30 money they win the game.
During a selling phase:
  • nd6 are rolled, where n is the number of players. m Goods will be purchased at the end of the sell phase where m is the sum of the roll (m is known as the demand).
  • Players take turns offering one Good for sale at a price (1-6).
  • The player with the most Goods goes first. Players with fewer goods than the player that just played are skipped (so that everyone ends in the same round of play).
  • When all players have no goods left to offer, the Goods are sold in the following order: Lowest -> highest price, first -> last good offered.
  • All remaining goods are not sold.
During a buying phase:
  • The players may all buy as many goods as they desire.
  • The price of goods is calculated thus: floor(a) where floor means round down, and a is the average (mean) sale price of last round.
Use median sale price - 1 instead of average round down the price of goods.
Remaining goods could deprecate (obsolesce?) in value. Perhaps lose 50% of your unsold goods each round?
Add an extra -2 to +2 to the demand after everyone places their goods for sale. This would allow for an imperfect prediction of what will happen each round.

I plan on playing a few more games of it in the near future. Perhaps I will have more updates to make to the rules.

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