Templar Intrigue Rules Typo

Since the rules for Templar Intrigue were finally posted we played a few games of it at work. (I printed up a copy since the game hasn't even been officially printed yet). The game works great as a 7 or 8 player game. It is fun to try and figure out which players are loyal, and which players are traitors to their cause. The 9 player version on the other hand is not really that good.

The 9 player game is played like this:

Team 1: 1 king, 2 templar traitors, 2 monks
Team 2: 1 grand master, 1 archivist, 2 templar knights

King asks Templar who is the grand master. With perfect play there are only two options:
1) 2 players have 2 players pointing at them and one player has one player pointing at him.
2) 1 player has 2 players pointing at him and another player has 3 players pointing at him.

In either case the king knows that only players with two fingers or more pointing at them could possibly be the grand master (the two templar traitors will tell him truly the grand master). This narrows the choice of a grand master down to two Templar.

Then: the king asks one monk to interrogate another monk. There are two options:
1) The monk says "He is the archivist"
2) The monk says "He is loyal to you"

If option 1, then the king knows that monk 3 (the unpicked monk) is loyal because either 1 or 2 must be the archivist
If option 2, then the king knows that monk 2 (the interrogated monk) is loyal because if a monk calls a monk loyal then the monk must be loyal (think it through and it makes sense.)

The king points the newly discovered loyal monk at the remaining unused monk and determines if he is the archivist. if he is loyal, then the king wins. If not, then the king has a 50% chance of guessing anyway.

The funniest thing is that the original version of the rules did not have this problem (there was one more templar knight and one fewer templar traitor). I have talked to TMG about it, but they have not replied yet.

Now, about my game: my Dancing Robots artwork is apparently very close to being done. I will post more here when I get it. Finally, I have enough parts to make a first go at animating entire robots, so I should be doing that soon.

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