Targeted Heat

I have been working on Dancing Robots a fair amount recently. Some blind playtest responses came back and I am trying to figure out what to incorporate from them.

One thing that is guaranteed is a lot of rewriting of the rule book. Another likely change is the wording of effects on the cards.

Alison and I played a game last night were we tried out an idea that a blind playtester came up with which I will call 'targeted heat'. Basically if you overheat you have to first blow up the parts that you activated during the last move before you blow up your other parts. This forces the player to consider their dance moves more carefully.

About the rewording of the cards effects: I have posted a thread at BGG which should hopefully help me to get the wording issues that I have worked out. It is always great to throw things at a community of people and see what comes out of it.

No more progress has been made on the Collusion or Moar Moai front, but with painting the kitchen occupying most of my time I am not particularly surprised.

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