The second dream game

I had another dream about a non-existent board game, but unlike my last dream game, this game might actually end up as a viable game. It has elements of worker placement as well as the opportunity for people to undercut each other.

In my dream the game was an ancient Indian game called 'Vataya'. I will transcribe my middle of the night notes here, and comment on them.

Everything I wrote at 1-1:30 AM is in normal text. Everything I add is either bold or italic.

Here are memories of the game in the dream
Players trying to get the most money. The goal of the game is revealed
There are barges and river places. Each player owned one barge, one section of the river, and the city locations on both sides of that river section.
Each district on the side of the river produces types of goods. One type of good to a district.
Certain types are worth more or less. This doesn't really make sense from a balance perspective.
When the barges land the goods are all sold wherever they landed.
The owner of a barge can collect a fee from everyone with a thing (with some goods) on the barge. This allows you to make money just by sending goods up.
Apartments are rented. This was probably more like pieces of land were rented, but I wrote apartments.
People can build and rent apartments to also make money. I don't recall any building actually occurring, but you did have to decide to get into that business.
You can undercut prices to get more renters. This is the coolest mechanic that I can remember from the game.
Here is interpretation that I made after waking up
Game Order: Produce goods - different types worth different amounts. But each player can only produce one type? Here is where the worries about different types first comes in. It seems best to have each good worth more in only one landing point.
Load Barges: pick a barge, each player owns one barge, they go to one place (so you can't load up a barge and go to multiple places or go to different places each time). Owning player charges a fee (I recall the fee being 1 money per unit of goods).
Move Barges: fee is collected, goods are sold. Perhaps goods are worth more or less at different times.
Build rent apartments: There was a track. ?sometimes there were fewer renters? Renters rent lowest apartments first, but with higher apartments you make more money. Perhaps every apartment gets rented, but the highest one loses out?
Here is later considerations (because I couldn't go back to sleep)
In your own district, your goods are worth -1, in one other player's, +2.
Selling goods set a price. Top n/2 price slots sell for one lower than the lowest price. 6 price slots total?, (numbered) 2-7

Now, what the game seems like to me ever since I woke up for real:
This could be a fun game, but it would probably be a little to complex. I will have to make up a version of it and see how it plays out.

In other news, here is a link to an example animation of dancing robots. Hopefully all of the rest of the art comes in soon.

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