Mother Sheep: the Massive Surprise

Over the weekend we had a double date and played a few games of Love Letter. It seemed to be fairly well received. I like the simpleness of the game (your goal is clear, every turn you only really have two options laid before you, and there are not that many components), but I still don't like the fact that the game has so much randomness in it.

At a family gathering on Sunday (apparently there was a large sportsball game at the same time, but we were not even considering watching it) we played some more Love Letter, and also a few games of Coup. They seemed to like Coup a fair amount. I am still sad that I didn't get a copy of it.

They wanted to play Resistance, but we didn't have enough time.

Scott and Sheila also brought Mother Sheep, which was a surprisingly fun game (considering that it was made for players 8 and up) where you place tiles out in an attempt to surround sheep that are placed arbitrarily on the playing surface. I would recommend it to anyone with an eight year old.

I have still been working on my Dancing Robots website. The robots don't dance yet, but they are getting closer every day. Hopefully I will have something before too long.

Also, Dave told me that he is almost done with the card art (so I should be posting more pictures before too long). Hopefully sooner than later.

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