The weekend of almost everything

Friday we played three games of Collusion at work (the dream game). Large changes were made to the rules. As always the newest rules can be found here.

The big changes that were made cause the game to be much simpler. They include:

Removing money from the game entirely. (now you just get bonus goods for selling above the average and lose goods for selling below the average).
Obsolescence/Spoilage is now a rule in the game. Players lose 50% of unsold goods to give a penalty for selling too high.
Increased demand: Each turn one more demand card is drawn than was drawn the previous turn.

With these changes the game is faster and simpler. I will continue to play it and post how it changes.

On Friday night we were invited over to a game night. We played one game of Moar Moai and a few games of Love Letter. They seemed to enjoy both of them. I think I will end up buying Love Letter.

Also, a lot of people have been playing Dancing Robots and writing up reviews for me recently. It is good to have things happening that I am not the doer of. Hopefully I get the rest of the artwork soon so that I can break out of my current Dancing Robots holding pattern.

It appears that I need some rules rewritten to explain it to people better. Also it appears that I need to change the way that cards are laid out. Hopefully I can work on that some time soon.

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