Burgoo, more cards, and MOAR MOAI LITE

I made a copy of Burgoo and played it tonight (just to test it out so that I could determine if I wanted to support it).

The game is pretty fast, and seems to have some strategic depth to it. My wife and I tied, with Andrea coming in third. Andrea and I both split our stacks early and Alison just played the right ingredients to maximize her relative advantage.

The game seems (after only one play) to not be terribly broken, but I will play it a few more times before I make a real strong judgement. If it continues to be as fun as it was the first game I will be supporting it.

I have been working on more Dancing Robots cards. A lot of my time was spent making scripts which make things look exactly identical between different cards (and basically not very different than it was before). The self destruct card is an example of a card wherein the text looks like it will be looking in the future (which is to say that it has the right amount of black around it and white overshadowing it, not that it is the right size or anything).

I have been discussing the upper corner icons with Darin, and have some ideas for them (which I have not yet implemented) which should make them look a little better. He also told me that the font size differences are not a good thing, so I am fooling around with making all of the font the same size. Haven't yet done that either. Finally, I am looking at bringing back the colored border on the card. Perhaps I will just tint the scratched metal layer according to the card type.

In other news: I have begun to try to deconstruct why I like MOAR MOAI, and I think that the game could be simplified more (and made faster). It might even end up as MOAR MOAI LITE... nah.

Either way, it seems like I will be working more on MOAR MOAI when I get some time away from these cards.

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