Pretty Princesses

We played some Love Letter at work today. It went pretty well, and people all seemed to enjoy it. I introduced it by telling everyone that I had a new game called 'Pretty Princess', which apparently did not turn everyone off to the game. We ended up with seven people who were willing to play (which is more than the four who can legally play the game), so we ended up having some standers by.

Dwayne ended up winning after 5 rounds (despite my eliminating him hard core one round via a malicious use of the prince card (when I knew that he had the princess via deduction)).

We might try Coup some time (since Ryan Hendricks rates it highly). I am not super excited about the player elimination, but Love Letter has that to some extent, so it is not the worst thing ever. The game does seem like a cool game, and one that would be fun with this group of people.

We also played some more Burgoo, which is gaining popularity fast at work (people like playing it in between Pomodoros since it takes only about 10 minutes). The Kickstarter campaign is already fully funded, but there is still about a week left, so if you want a guaranteed copy of the game you can get one for $3. That is way cheaper than it will be if they sell it in a store later, so if you are even remotely interested I would recommend it.

Alison and I also played some games of MOAR MOAI LITE. The 'lite' version of the game is not really playable yet. I need to figure out a way to make it better. One problem that we were running into is that the sides are really super evenly matched. You end up knowing exactly the thing that you did that made you lose or win the game. Ties are quite possible (perhaps almost inevitable). I really need to work out the kinks if this game is ever going to get off of the ground.

One option that I am considering is a 'pay to play later' mechanic that would allow you to see what the other players were doing before you make your decision, but make that choice give you the ability to do less overall work. Perhaps we will try it out some time.

I made some changes to the Dancing Robots website. For one thing, it has actual card images on most of the parts that you can see by hovering over them. Perhaps I will start coding up the dance animations next (though I have been discouraged from that by not having all of my artwork done yet).

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