Dance Moves Ahoy!

I played some more Burgoo over the weekend with a brother in law (while my wife was talking with her sister about their impending babies). After the first game he didn't even ask if we wanted to play another, he just started to set up for another game immediately. I think that he liked it (though I didn't question him like I do when we play one of my own game). It is a fun game.

I also started working on the cards for the dance moves. I have a very rough approximation of what I want them to look like.

Since I don't yet have all my artwork for the part cards I am making these cards without any place for artwork. When the artwork for the other cards comes in I will consider getting artwork for these cards (though the cards have some interesting requirements for text, and I am not too sure that I will be able to fit in artwork and keep the text as large as I would like).

I tried to make only one of each type of card as well as the cards that were the most unusual (to test the boundaries). Here they are:

The Barrel Roll was included because it is the level 3 card with the longest rule text. The Disco Shuffle is one of the level 2 dances (and none of them are interesting, so they all have the same rule text). The Power Combo is the combo with the longest rule text (and also the card with the longest rule text that includes symbols). The River Dance is an example of a mixture move (all of which are not interesting except for The Penultimate Dance and The Ultimate Dance). Shuffle is a boring move (see the bored face?), and The Ultimate Dance is the move with the most types.

Though you wouldn't guess it from looking at the example cards, most of the cards do not have rule text (like the Riverdance). I don't know if I should just remove the rule text box when the rule text is non existent, or if I should leave it in.

Additionally, the Disco Shuffle and Shuffle show one of the problems that I am currently facing. If I have 'any support' on the card, should the 'any' be colored like a support or not. Additionally, the Power combo should technically have two 'any's on it, but I couldn't fit them in.

Finally, I think that I am ready for a playtest of MOAR MOAI LITE (I will not post any rules until I have at least a reasonable expectation that the game is playable, and considering how massive the rewrite is I think it best to hold off a bit).

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