It has been a while without a post.

I have been mostly working on the dancing animations for my Dancing Robots website (they are not in a state where they could be shown off to anyone, but they are getting closer.)

I also took a first stab at composing judge cards. for Dancing Robots.

Burgoo just got funded (and hit it's final stretch goal in the last minutes). I look forward to receiving my copy.

I also tried out Coup recently. It seems to have much more randomness than Resistance, but it still a fun game where deduction and deceit are paramount to winning. The player elimination aspect is annoying (except in a two player game, where it means that the game is over immediately). A game doesn't take that long as long as everyone is playing to kill, so you are not out forever, but it is still annoying to be out.

I have considered the option of making a variant allowing players who are eliminated to still be able to take the three basic actions and still bother the players that are in the game, but have not tried it out. I think that it would probably keep people from dealing the killing blow to anyone early in the game, so it would help out in that way at least. The problem is the likelihood of a killed player deciding the game.

Finally, I have been considering whether I want to print up some Dancing Robot cards for SaltCon.

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