Sole Survivor of The Zombpocalypse

I have published a new version of Dancing Robots to the Windows Azure website. There are minor UI improvements (the biggest one was showing cardx2 or cardx3 instead of duplicating the cards).

I also made a post to BGG attempting to invite people to playtest Dancing Robots (The post is here for those who are interested (if you want to join in, I'll mail you a copy of the game if you post a response)).

Finally, I spent a few minutes making color semi-high fidelity versions of the chassis cards (Since Dave has finished all of the artwork for the chassis). I will probably make some grasps tomorrow, and perhaps I will finish all of the artworkless cards as well.

In other news, this week we tried Two Rooms and a Boom with Zombies. It was pretty fun, and I was one of the three not infected at the end of the game. Only 2 people won (since the president died I lost, and since I did not die at the end of the game the zombies lost). All of the red team who did not get converted to zombies died, but since the president also died they won. It was definitely a game to play again.

We also have been playing more Resistance, but I have been sitting out during most lunches since I have been programming and trying to drum up some enthusiasm for my game.

Bob asked me today whatever happened to MOAR MOAI. I haven't been trying to get people to play it as much since NaGaDeMon is over. Perhaps I should bring it back out some time. It is likely that I could get some games of it going, and it is definitely a welcome break from endless Resistance.

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