14 more lightning reviews

I finished my first read through of all of the rules. I have not yet read all of them enough to feel comfortable playing them all. (Also, I was unable to find the rulebooks for a lot of them online.)

The Following seemed to be impossible to find the rules for:
Misty Ruins
Other World
Stella Nova: Journey of the Magi
The Demise of Dr. Frankenstein
UFO Hunter
Where Chickens Dare!

Here are my thoughts on the others:
Paradise Fallen: Seemed to be fairly simple to understand. More examples of cards would be nice. The game felt fairly simple, but it seemed like play might uncover some hidden complexity
Rialto: A fun sounding game. I will probably play this one time or more at the con.
SlapShot: it is a hockey game. There seems to be some randomness to it, but also the possibility of winning through strategy. It is possible that I found some old rules for this because it seemed very old.
Space Sheep: a simple game that could be fun based on the possibility of having traitors in the game.
Village: This game sounded pretty fun. A worker placement game with multiple ways to win where your workers die of old age.I will definately play this one at the con.
Walk The Plank: A fun sounding light game. I could see the banking of moves in advance end up making you mess yourself up, and the game is light hearted enough it wouldn't seem frustrating. I will try this one out.
Also, I read the rules for the following 'Hot Games':
Caverna: Dwarf Fortress meets Agricola. It sounds really good. I think I will play it at the con.
Russian Railroad: Another worker placement game. It is not a terrible sounding game, but it would have to compete with some better (in my opinion) games.
Glass Road: This game sounded pretty good. Another worker placement game, but it has a mechanic which makes you convert raw materials into finished goods. I might try it out.
Rampage: A light hearted game where you try to eat meeples and destroy a city. It sounds fun in a party type setting.
Space Cadets: Dice Dual: This sounds like a very tense game. Sort of like two rooms and a boom in the fact that it is real time. There is a lot of dice, but they are rolled so much that the law of large numbers has to overpower the randomness to some extent.
Firefly: very thematic. I might try it out (I liked the tv show). I worry that it might be a bit too true to the show, or perhaps that it might make the actual show characters way too good.
Robinson Crusoe: sounds depressing. I doubt that I could get my wife to play it, but it seems like it might be a fun game if you are in the right mood for it.
Nations: This game seems like it would take a long time. I can't really pick up any long games any more ever since I had little kids.

Finally, I have been preparing for SaltCon by printing and cutting out two more copies of Dancing Robots, one copy of Collusion, one copy of Moar Moai, and one copy of Creative Accounting. I might do a few more, but I might not.

My goal is to get a publisher at the con, but barring that, getting some more playtesters opinions would also be nice.

Finally, I am really looking forward to the Math Trade. I am getting a copy of Eminent Domain, and a lot of other interesting games. I look forward to playing my new games once the dust settles from the con.

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