'Creative Accounting' practices

We have been playing games of the game that I came up with at 1AM a few days ago (which is currently being called both 'Cook the Books' and 'Creative Accountants') fairly often recently. It is interesting to have everyone at work really interested in a game that I created.

Usually my co-workers don't all like games that I made because I like to insert a lot of math into games, and this one is pretty math light.

There have been a lot of changes over the three days that we have been playing it. Some of the changes include:

Removing Company B for small numbers of players (We are not yet sure where the cut off lies, but with 6 players 1 company is still an interesting game)
Changing it so that there is always 1 accountant for small numbers of players (and always two accountants for large numbers.)

The rules are a little out of date, but they can be found here (I plan to update them, but have not at the time that I post this).

Also: I have been getting ready for SaltCon. The math trade as well as the gaming at the conference in general. Perhaps I will talk to some publishers while I am there. If not, I might end up trying out a kickstarter campaign some time soon.

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