Go to SaltCon!

For all of you board gamers in Utah: if you are not yet planning on going to SaltCon, I would encourage you to go. It is going to be really cool.

I just went to a training for being a game librarian, and they're going to have all sorts of games that anyone can check out  to play at the con.

There will be a play to win section where you can play and be entered to win a copy of the game that you played.

Lots of publishers will be there as well, and they will also do the Ion award judging there.

You should go.

In other news I printed up a new copy of creative accounting. This new copy of creative accounting has pictures and colors and the accountants are now called Bean Counters and the Auditors are now, Whistle blowers. I hope that these changes will allow it to be slightly less confusing. Perhaps this will be the game that I will present at the prototype alley at salt con.

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