20 games in 2 days

I have begun to read all of the rule books for the "Play to Win" games for SaltCon. I am not yet though all of them, but I figure that writing down my current thoughts might prove useful to myself in the future (and perhaps interesting to others right now.)

I have not played all these games. My reviews are based on the rule book alone. I decided to read the rule books in an alphabetical order. Here are my thoughts:

Argosy: I didn't get through the rule book during my first attempt. It seems very cluttered. I intend to go back and read it again later.
Baldrick's Tomb: Seemed pretty straightforward. Not really my style of game, but fairly well explained.
Belfort: After having read the rule book I want to play the game. I will definitely look to play this one at Salt Con.
Bellwether: Another rulebook that was very cluttered. I didn't make it through this one on the first try either.
Coconuts: looks fun, but dexterity games are not my style usually.
Council of Verona: Sounded like an excellent game. I will play this one at the Con as well, and hope to win it. It seems like the type of game that I could get people at my work to play.
Crazy Creatures of Dr. Gloom: After having read the rule book, this game seems like a simpler version of Uno.
Dungeon Dice: This game seemed pretty decent. I could imagine playing it for fun, but it is slightly lower on my list than other games. It has some crab bucket elements that I am not super sold on.
Dungeon Roll: I like roguelikes. The rules are clearly laid out. It seems like it could be fun, but the randomness of it might put me off a bit.
Dungeon Roll Hero Booster Pack #1: Didn't read the rules yet.
Eminent Domain: This game seems awesome. I will definitely play it.
Eminent Domain Escalation: It seems to add to the game nicely. I would try it out, but if I won the expansion without the base game that would make me buy the base game
Euphoria:Build a better Dystopia: This game seemed pretty fun. I would definitely try it out at the con.
Farmageddon: Seemed well thought out and like it could be fun. It would be nice if the rules showed some examples of action cards. I might try it out at the con.
Fleet Admiral: Holy crap - this is like a fan made Star Trek card game. Having never watched Star Trek I can't judge it's accurateness, but the graphics are a bit lackluster. It seems a little too random for my likes.
Get Bit: Simple game, easy to understand, and it sounds pretty fun. I will try it out.
Going, Going, Gone!: this game made sense. I am not sure if I would enjoy the mechanics of it, but I would definitely try it out with friends if given the opportunity.
Jungle Ascent: The premise is fun. The game seems well thought out and the rule book was good. I don't quite know if I would like playing it (The crab bucket aspect seems incredibly strong), but I might give it a try.
Little Devils: This is a trick taking game. It seems like it could have some strategy to it, but I already know how to play hearts, and I enjoy that one a lot, so I probably won't try this one out.
Milestones: This game seems pretty simple and also seems like it could be fun. I will probably try it out during the con some time.

The games I have yet to try out are:
Misty Ruins
Other World
Paradise Fallen
Space Sheep
Stella Nova: Journey of the Magi
The Demise of Dr. Frankenstein
UFO Hunter
Walk The Plank
Where Chickens Dare!

I will review my first thoughts about them after I try them out.

The math trade for SaltCon is almost over. I hope to report a lot of trades soon.

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