The final day

Tomorrow is SaltCon.

My current plan is as follows:
Attend all of Friday and Satuday
Play some games (Caverna, Glass Road, Eminent Domain, Rialto, Walk the plank, Belfort, Council of Verona, Get Bit, Milestones, Robots on the Line, perhaps some Two Rooms and a Boom)
Help out some (working in the game library and as a game teacher)
Do the math trade (and get some cool games)
Perhaps talk to some publishers (If I am lucky - apparently I am bad at getting people to email me back and set up appointments)
Attend Prototype Alley (I think I am going with Cook the Books. More on that later.)
Watch Ion awards
Visit various workshops

It should be fun.

About the Prototype Alley: The total vote count (including all my responses from my different sources) was: 3 Dancing Robots, 4 Creative Accounting, 2 Collusion.

I am going to go with Creative Accounting for one additional reason: Creative Accounting is not really play-testable as a 2 player game, and I have played Dancing Robots with my wife quite a few times (so it is easier to playtest outside of a group setting).

I will be bringing prototype copies of all of my games to the con, so if anyone wants one I will be handing them out.

Also. We tried another game of Collusion yesterday, and a certain player found that with correct play he could extend the game indefinitely. Rules changes have been made, but this makes me entirely unwilling to use it during the prototype alley.

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