Don't you ever interrupt me when I'm cooking a book!

Over the past few days we have been playing some more "creative accounting". I still haven't gotten in a three player game, but we have played a fair amount of two and four to six player games. It seems like the cut off for two companies might want to be at six players. That decision hasn't been made yet for sure, but it seems like a good place.

With two players it is mostly a game about second guessing your opponent, and it ends up playing similar to paper scissor rock (sigh). Cook the books > play it safe > audit.

With four players the game is pretty hard for the auditor. It is possible that I should make the scoring different (something like the more book cookers that are caught on an audit the more points the auditor gains).

If I do that then perhaps the book cooking should be scored the same. (The game would have a whole new scoring system, but the remainder of the game would stay the same)

I entered SaltCon's Prototype alley. I am still trying to determine what game to show. I have four options: moar moai, creative accounting, dancing robots, and collusion. Who knows which I will choose. I think I will bring extra copies of all of them anyway just in case people want to try them out.

This week we played an eleven player game of two rooms and a boom, which was great fun. The zombie infected eight players, but didn't manage to completely rule any room. The two surviving blue team members won. The game is definitely best with more than eight players.

We have still been playing a lot of Avalon. I would prefer to play it less often, but it is still a fun game.

Finally, we played a four player game of love letter, which was fun. I lost completely.

Tomorrow night we will have a game night and have my two oldest sisters and their husbands over. It is sure to be fun.

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